KUSA 2016 - 2017 Coaches:

05 (U13) Girls (Greeneville): Autumn Malone

Email: amalone@kusasoccer.org

03 (U15) Boys:  Keaton Shillings 

email: kshillings@kusasoccer.org

03 (U15) Girls: Chris McNeal

Email: cmcneal@kusasoccer.org

03 (​U14) Girls (Kingston):  Emma McNeil

​Email: emcneil@kusasoccer.org

01 (U17) Boys: Doug Kirk 

Email: dougkirk@kusasoccer.org

00 (U18) Girls: Jeff Monckton

Email: jmonckton@kusasoccer.org

99 (U19) Boys: Sheila Brumley

Email:  sbrumley@kusasoccer.org

99 (U16-19) Girls:   Doug Kirk (865) 659-9890

email: dougkirk@kusasoccer.org

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Knoxville United Soccer Association

KUSA Board Members:

Club President:  Doug Kirk   

email: dougkirk@kusasoccer.org

Vice President: Shaun Gleason

email: sgleason@kusasoccer.org 

Treasurer: Caroline Gleason

email: cgleason@kusasoccer.org

Registrar: Melissa Kirk

email: mkirk@kusasoccer.org

Secretary: Emily Kirk

email: emily10@kusasoccer.org

Risk Mng Coordinator:  Amanda Meade

email: ameade@kusasoccer.org